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Amulets and talismans are objects that are believed to hold protective or magical powers. They are often worn or carried by individuals to bring them good luck, ward off evil, or provide some kind of supernatural assistance. Here are a few examples of amulets and talismans:

1. Lucky horseshoe: A horseshoe is believed to bring good luck and protect against evil spirits. It is typically hung with its ends pointing upwards to prevent luck from spilling out.

2. Evil eye amulet: The evil eye amulet is used to protect against the evil eye, a malevolent gaze believed to cause harm. It usually features a blue eye symbol and can be worn as jewelry or displayed in homes.

3. Four-leaf clover: The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck and is believed to bring fortune to those who find it. It is often carried or worn as an amulet.

4. Dreamcatcher: Dreamcatchers originate from Native American cultures and are believed to catch bad dreams while allowing good dreams to pass through. They are often hung above beds or carried as a protective amulet.

5. Hamsa hand: The Hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing protection against the evil eye. It is often worn as jewelry and features an open hand with an eye in the center.

6. Rune stones: Rune stones are used in divination practices and are believed to possess magical properties. Each stone is engraved with a different symbol, and they can be carried or arranged for guidance or protection.

7. Worry stones: Worry stones are smooth, polished stones that individuals can hold and rub with their thumb. They are believed to provide comfort, relieve stress, and help with anxiety.

8. Celtic knot: The Celtic knot is a symbol of interconnectedness and infinity in Celtic culture. It is often used as an amulet to bring protection, luck, and to ward off evil spirits.

These are just a few examples of amulets and talismans from various cultures and belief systems. The specific meanings and beliefs associated with each object can vary depending on cultural traditions and individual interpretations.



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