Mummy Magical Amulet of the Most Powerful Heirloom in the world

Mummy Magical Amulet of the Most Powerful Heirloom in the world.

Magical mummies have properties to make it easier for owners to achieve wealth. Smooth fortune from various directions, easy to get fortune anywhere, awaken the king's power of charms, easily melt hearts and conquer anyone, can send magic to the enemy.

Magical mummies have the property of easily attracting many partners, returning enemy magic attacks, opening the sixth sense, opening the inner eye to see jinns and the supernatural, opening the aura of youth, inviting thousands of jinn friends, fluency in finding and paying debts, making it easier to persuade seduction to succeed, protection from magical attacks and weapons attacks, and many other uses.

This Magical Mummy Food is not Human Blood but Only Shaman Oil as a substitute for Blood; safe for anyone, with no negative side effects and no sacrifice. Guaranteed Safe!!! How to feed Jafaron oil drops in the mouth just a little, at any time, please, at any time, preferably once a month.

  • The Magical Mummy Derived from Lightning The first myth that most Javanese people widely believe says that the Magical Mummy is a manifestation of lightning that strikes the Earth's surface. The power of lightning that strikes and hits a house or tree for them is ascribed to the power of this Magical Mummy. This myth is based on the many discoveries of strange objects, such as the teeth of an Invisible Mummy left on objects struck by lightning.
  • Magical Mummies of Ancient Creatures The theory of the origin of Magical Mummies came from archaeologists. Yes, archaeologists believe that the Magical Mummy is a form of an ancient creature whose remains have survived and become fossils. The Magical Mummy's DNA is the same as human DNA, leading archaeologists to believe that the Magical Mummy is a miniature human species that has become extinct since the ice age.
  • The Magical Mummy is a Jinn Trapped in a Doll Some people who adhere to Kejawen Islam think that the Magical Mummy is an evil genie deliberately trapped in a doll at the time of the wali songo. The evil genie, whose job is always to bully the Muslims, has irritated the guardians so that with the karma they have, the guardians then trap these evil genies into dolls to this day.
  • Magical Mummy Incarnate Hermit Not a few Javanese people believe that the origin of the Magical Mummy is the body of a powerful ascetic who died in his meditation. The hermit's spirit is still trapped in his body but no longer controls his body's movements. This ascetic spirit will not be able to move toward the grave because it is locked, so the spirit will continue to be in the body of the Invisible Mummy unless a powerful person performs a ritual to free it.
  • Magical Mummies Wandering Spirits / Humans Rejected by Earth. Origins of Magical Mummies Theories about the origins of Magical Mummies are widely developed. Islamic society says that the Magical Mummy is a powerful human figure whose body after death is not accepted by the Earth. The Earth does not want to decompose this human body because of the crimes committed during his lifetime. The body continued to shrink until it was the size of a doll with teeth, hair, and nails growing.

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